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Announcement Successful Settlement $385,000

Announcement Successful Settlement $385,000.

This settlement was achieved by associate, Leslie Knight, for a client on a motorized scooter who struck a dangerous, elevated metal construction plate in the roadway. The roadway plate was not flush with the surrounding roadway creating a hazard to the public.


As a result of this accident, our injured client suffered a fractured foot which required surgery. This settlement was obtained despite significant hurdles, including the identification of the owner of the transitory metal roadway plate and in spite of the defense contentions that there was nothing wrong with the plate. We are pleased that we were able to obtain this personal injury recovery and justly compensation for this injured client.

Did you know that New York law holds construction companies and public utilities responsible for maintaining their roadway and sidewalk plates, grates and covers as well as the area 12 inches around them? If you, or someone you know, was injured in a construction accident, please give us a call and let us inform you of your rights to just compensation.


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