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Auto Mechanic Negligence May Cause A Crash

Auto Mechanic Negligence May Cause A Crash

Under certain circumstances, an auto mechanic and repair shop may be held liable for a crash when an improper repair causes an accident. Auto mechanic negligence can lead to a serious accident that results in life-threatening injuries.

In New York State, a person may file a claim against an auto mechanic under the theory of negligence. Under a negligence theory, a plaintiff will assert the following:

The auto mechanic owed a duty to the plaintiff when he or she dropped their car off for repair;
The auto mechanic breached this duty;
The auto mechanic's breach caused the accident; and
The plaintiff suffered injuries as a result of the breach.

Auto repair negligence includes:

The mechanics failure to perform the work requested by a customer;
Using a defective product;
Failing to prevent damage occurring to the customers vehicle while in the shop's possession;
Failing to properly place or reassemble the vehicle;
Failing to identify worn out or broken parts within the vehicle;
Failing to identify structural problems;
Damaging a vehicle while working on it; and
Invalidating a vehicle warranty as a result of improper work, among others.
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