Construction Accidents Elevated work

New York Labor Law Section 240, also known as the “Scaffold Law”, is a statute in New York State that provides special protections for workers who are involved in construction, demolition, and other high-risk activities at job sites. The law holds employers and property owners strictly liable for injuries sustained by workers due to falls from heights or falling objects.

Under the “Scaffold Law”, employers and property owners are required to provide adequate safety devices, such as scaffolds, ladders, and safety harnesses, to protect workers from falling or being struck by falling objects. Employers must also ensure that these safety devices are properly maintained and used by workers.

If a worker is injured due to a fall from a height or by a falling object, and the employer or property owner is found to have violated New York Labor Law Section 240, the injured worker may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Employers and property owners may also face fines and penalties for violating the law.