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Falling Injuries in NYC Construction Industry Increase in 2021

Falling Injuries in NYC Construction Industry Increase in 2021

Falling injuries have always been one of the greatest dangers that construction workers face on the job. Statistically speaking, falls account for more construction injuries than any other, with only a handful of other causes even coming close. Unfortunately, this year has proven to be worse than last year, as the number of fall injuries has already surpassed those which occurred in 2020.

The Dangers of Falling Injuries

Falling accidents, are by far, the most common source of workplace injuries. This is not only true for construction workers, but also workers across nearly every industry. In fact, falling is considered a part of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) "Fatal Four," which collectively account for the majority of all workplace accidents. A lack of fall protections is also cited as the single most common safety violation found in workplaces and is especially common in the construction industry.

How Falling Accidents Hurt Victims

Falling can cause a variety of different possible injuries, some far more severe than others. People who suffer falls can suffer sprains, fracture bones, or dislocate limbs. Victims of head injuries may suffer from a concussion, or from a more severe traumatic brain injury, the effects of which can last for years. In some cases, falling injuries can be fatal, even from relatively low heights.

Possible Reasons for the Increase in Falling Injuries

The number of falling injuries is up in the construction industry in 2021 compared to 2020, for a number of possible reasons. The first and most obvious reason is that many construction projects were put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, which resumed when quarantine restrictions started to relax and construction materials started to become more available. The second likely reason is due to safety violations from construction contractors who are trying to make up for lost time by cutting corners.

Avoiding Falling Injuries

The best way to avoid the dangers caused by falling injuries is to ensure there are sufficient fall protections, including guard rails, safety nets, and personal arrest systems, where appropriate. It is also important on construction sites to ensure all scaffolding is appropriately secured, which can prevent it from tilting, swaying, or collapsing. However, when construction contractors are irresponsible and fail to adhere to these basic safety standards, they put their workers at risk, increasing the chance of injury and even death.

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