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The Perils of Slipping and Falling

The Perils of Slipping and Falling
Every year, millions of Americans are sent to the hospital after slipping and falling, whether in their home, at work, out shopping, or elsewhere. While often seen as comical in TV shows and movies, slipping and falling is no laughing matter. It can result in serious injuries, especially for the elderly or people with certain medical conditions. It's important to take slips and falls seriously, and to understand your legal rights available to you when they occur.

Slipping and falling can happen anywhere and at any time, and often, they're unavoidable. However, sometimes a slip and fall isn't the result of sheer happenstance. Sometimes, they happen because someone was careless and allowed a condition to become unnecessarily slippery and dangerous. Businesses, for example, have a duty to clean up spills, and repair other treacherous conditions on their property, and to do so in a reasonably timely fashion. However, even when you're simply a guest in another person's home, they're at least supposed to make you aware of potential dangers on their property, so you don't hurt yourself.

The consequences of someone being careless about dangerous conditions on their property can be terrible. A slip and fall can result in broken bones or damage to your muscles, ligaments or tendons. If you hit your head, you can receive a concussion, or even a traumatic brain injury. Even if there are no long term health consequences, the time you need to heal can cost you sick days and vacation time, and if your job requires physical labor, these kinds of injuries can leave you unemployed.

If you do slip and fall and receive an injury as a result, and it occurred in someone else's residence or business, you may be entitled to receive compensation. If you have been injured as a result of another individual's failure to maintain safe conditions on their property, it is important to contact an experienced New York City personal injury lawyer. The lawyers at Georgaklis & Mallas, PLLC are experienced in handling various personal injury matters, including slip-and-fall cases.

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